Albert Cory, author of the

Silicon Valley From the Inside series. You've heard about the famous people, but what about the regular people? Like you!

Life in the 80's, as the Internet was being born, but hardly anyone noticed

The Xerox Star, which pioneered the mouse, graphical user interface, laser printing, and Ethernet.

Bob Purvy (author's real name) is a Silicon Valley pioneer

Bob was one of the designers of the Xerox Star, and appears as "Dan" in both books. He headed up 3Com's email system "3+Mail," led the Internet Engineering Task Force group that led to RFC 1697, oversaw the Measurement Engine at Packeteer, and worked at Google for 11 1/2 years, creating the OneBox for the Enterprise Search Engine, increasing ad revenue for some Google properties, and publishing a paper on software patents that was cited in an amicus brief to the Supreme Court. He holds six US patents.