1990: Being “online” meant a modem squealing, screeching, and tying up your phone. Only geeks had even heard of the Internet. Silicon Valley was flailing for the Next Big Thing.

At 17, Len went alone to New York City in 1942, to discover what happened to his brother. After many years at Chrysler in Detroit, he is retiring and moving to California to be near his daughter, Janet. She is a successful executive, who thinks, “Why would I use a computer at home? I use one all day at work!”

He dips a toe in the internet waters with Prodigy. Intrigued, he moves on to AOL, then bulletin boards. A pastor asks him to find the person stealing money from his charity. “Another mystery to solve!” Janet’s friends help him crack the case, and a comic street fight lands him on TV. Len sees something they can’t: the Internet!

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