Paul McJones: I read an advance review copy of Inventing the Future. I worked at Xerox SDD in Palo Alto from late 1976 to spring 1981. The book captures the spirit of a relatively small group within a large established company building a revolutionary new product. Seeing and using the Alto from Xerox PARC was to see and feel the future. We used the Alto to bootstrap a product combining the great Xerox PARC ideas: personal distributed computing, direct manipulation user interfaces, laser printing, local area networks and long-haul internets (before the Internet). As the book describes, these ideas needed faster hardware with a larger (and virtual) address space, and a unified user interface. To see what all those meetings and person-years of effort produced, you might want to take a look at the 1998 "Final demonstration of the original Xerox Star". Look carefully, and you'll see things still not widely available even in 2021